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"It's hard to get stranger than the Sedarises,
but Slash Coleman's family could give them a run
for their money."   
- Backstage Magazine

Good off-beat company.”  - Washington Post

"A refreshingly joyful view of a child's world, discovering love,
savoring hero worship, and the thoughtful realization of just
how far we will go to accomplish a cherished dream." -

Laugh-out-loud funny and genuinely touching.” -
Willamette Week

“Full of charm and writing that shines.”  - Portland Mercury

      "Daringly thoughtful!"  - NYTheatre.com
       "Whimsical and playful."  -

        “Uplifting, inspirational, and full of                       
theatrical catharsis.” -
The Vanguard

"Pure and honest."  
- The Happiest Medium
“Slash Coleman has de-gentrified my soul.
GARY SHTEYNGART, New York Times–bestselling author of
Super Sad True Love Story

"Slash Coleman has a fresh point of view, an original story,
and tons of style. The Bohemian Love Diaries is a fun, raucous
read by
a fantastic storyteller."
MISHNA WOLFF, bestselling author of I'm Down

“Coleman comes alive on the page in this memoir about the
bizarre and beautiful life of a free spirit and artist who navigates
through life with his heart.
It’s easy to fall in love
with him
as a reader, and I can’t decide if I wished I was on
the journey with him or if I’m completely content to simply
read about it and enjoy the laugh. One thing is for
sure, Evel Knievel would be proud.”
and author of Screw Everyone

“Slash’s endearing and idiosyncratic memoir feels
wonderfully intimate, like he’s
whispering his life’s greatest and most
heartbreaking moments right into your ear. A
lively, wonderful read.”
MARA ALTMAN, author of
Thanks for Coming
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