Q: Why Literary Mischief?
Slash decided to produce this entertaining literary series as a way to: promote authors, help
build a creative community, turn his own fan base onto new authors, allow authors and
storytellers to share resources, and help writers cross pollinate literary genres.

Q: What are the topics & dates?

Q: What can participating authors expect?
Authors read, perform or speak for 8 minutes. The 8 minutes belong to the authors and it's up
to them to spend their time however they wish. It's fine to go under 8 minutes, but authors will be
signaled at 7 minutes and requested to stop  at 8 even if they're in the middle of an Oscar-worthy
diatribe. Slash will then move onto the interview and audience questions

Q: What should authors bring?
1 personal copy of their book to read from, 1 copy of a  book from their personal bookshelf for
an audience give-away, at least 100 business cards or book marks (These are given to each
attendee. Please don't bring flyers), and a pen for signing books.

Q: What types of authors are chosen?
Each Month there is a theme (see above) Typically, all the authors have books with 2013
release dates, but Slash also chooses authors with 2012-2014 release dates and bases
selections on projected themes.  

Q: Cool, so if I'm chosen can I just show up and perform?
 Although we'd love to fill our event based on little more than your great writing and good looks,
we require that all participating author's help promote the event. Perspective authors are generally
chosen based on their ability to help with promotion. This includes: listing the event on their
personal website, "Friending" or "Following" all the participating authors on Facebook and/or
Twitter, sending out Facebook invites (The FB invite is typically set up 2 weeks before the event),
and forwarding the event Press Release to a publicist and/or appropriate media contacts.

Q: Can I still participate if I don't have a big social media presence?
Sure, we understand that social media isn't every author's strength.

Q: Can I still participate if I don't live in New York City?
Right now, we're looking for authors based in New York City or those who might  be visiting the
city visiting during a particular show date. If you're interested in bringing the event to your city
contact slash at: projects (at) slashcoleman [dot] com

Q: Are participants compensated?

Q: Where does the event take place?
Loft 227 at 227 W 29 NYC 10001.

Q: How can I participate?
Fill out and submit the form below.
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                             2013-2014 Calendar
DATE                                   THEME
Aug 15        Creativity's Greatest Hits
Sep 23        Love Triangles and 22 other reasons to Engage in Sex
Oct 29         Political Secrets & How they Affect Your Life
Nov 26        What's Wrong with Men? Men in Relationships
Dec               No Shows
Jan 27         Too Many Lovers Too Little Yiddish
Feb 24         Bite Sighs Passion: Dating & Relationships
Mar 31         Batsh*t Crazy Rock n Roll
Apr 28         Getting Crushed by a Ton of Feathers & Other Comedy Fantasies
May 19        Apology Porn: LGBT
Jun 23        10 Ways to Put Magic Back in Your Cooking
Jul 28          The Sickening Joy of Smart Fiction
Aug 18        Business with a Blindfold
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