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Slash Coleman with Students in Healing Community Class, Helping students come to terms with tragedy, loss and violence
Students are empowered to
make decisions based on their
own experience that can help
them when interacting with
friends,  family members, and
teachers. (Photo D. Miller)
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What is the class all about?
Healing Community is meant to provide
participants with a safe space in which to
explore their feelings about loss, tragedy
and violence. As a result, growth can take
place in the areas of personal and
academic achievement,  self-image, and
"It was good for my children to see an adult
expressing feelings of grief and loss in
such a positive and helpful way."
- Sherry, (a note from a mom)
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Why is this needed?
Tragedy and loss affects us all. Most of us
don't have good role models on how to deal
with loss. Many people would rather ignore it.
Unfortunately, schools don't have the time or
resources to handle it effectively.

How will it help?
Using storytelling, creative writing, and
performance activities, it's aimed at helping
participants creatively express themselves,
gain a sense of accomplishment, better
comprehend the world, and communicate with
others in a team environment.
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Pricing, Available Dates, and Booking           
Grades: 6-12 thru adult
Running Time: 1- 3 hours/1- 20 days
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