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Love Diaries
Photos: My Bohemian Past
We've all got them. A past of photos stuffed in a box or a
weathered photo album that sits on a dusty shelf. And
while most of the photos make us cringe, something
happens when we get older. We come to understand our
past is us and what was once cringe-worthy suddenly,
somehow, mysteriously becomes cool.
Peak Inside the Book
Peak inside "The Bohemian
Love Diaries" which chronicles
Slash Coleman’s compelling
upbringing in a warped loving
household of eccentric artists.
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Bohemian Sketches
6 drawings taken from Slash's sketchbook are paired with
various chapters in the book.
For Book Club Members
Written by the author, this
questionnaire provides a
great starting point for
creating your own Book Club
discussions around his work.
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Featured News for Slash Coleman Award Winning Storyteller
"Good Off-Beat Company!"
- The Washington Post
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The Bohemian Love Dairies #bohoXO
"Slash Coleman has a fresh point of view, an original story, and tons of style. The
Bohemian Love Diaries
is a fun, raucous read by a fantastic storyteller."
                 - Mishna Wolff, bestselling author of
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Love Diaries
Author Slash
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A Note from the Author
So, what was it like to be raised in the capital of the Confederacy during
the ’70s & '80s by a posse of eccentric artists and off-beat immigrants —
including a grandfather who danced at the Moulin Rouge, a dad who's a
genius sculptor and an even better drinker, and a mom, a Holocaust
survivor, who made me promise to never tell anyone that I'm Jewish?

You'll find the answers here in "The Bohemian Love Diaries"
(Lyons Press),
my coming of age tale about understanding why sometimes things fall
apart so better things can fall together.

Despite the fact that I still dream about performing with the rock band
KISS, am obsessed with Evel Knievel and have a complex and perverse
addiction to traveling the globe to find the girl of my dreams,if all goes
according to plan, you'll soon find out why most of my friends think I was
raised in Chuck Palahniuk’s attic by Jonathan Ames and John Hodgman.
“Slash Coleman has de-gentrified my soul.”-Gary Shteyngart
New York Times–bestselling author
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