2)  Options include:
a) Write an apology letter and read it into the camera. You can simply apologize for using his
toothbrush to clean the toilet when he left you or make amends for the really horrible things you
said about her.

b) Bring a camera to your ex's house and film a "live" version of the experience a.k.a. "Reality
Television" style. (Make sure you have Jackie Chan on speed dial).

c) Film a re-enactment of the experience with a friend. Sit across the table from your friend and say
everything you would say to your friend as if he/she was your ex sitting across from you.

d) Make up with your ex without filming it. Then, sit down in front of the camera and tell us the story
about what happened.

3) Make it funny. Make it profound. Make it awkward. Just make it sincere, make it by December
14, 2014 and keep it under 2 minutes. (No copyrighted material, please)

4) Post it on Youtube and title it "#BohoXO - Your initials " For example, #BohoXO - JW.

5) Five finalists will have their video featured on the national book tour and one Grand Prize
Winner will receive $1,000. For complete contest rules
>download now.
Featured News for Slash Coleman Award Winning Storyteller
Bohemian Love Video Challenge
Chronicling a wake of failed relationships in his
new memoir, "The Bohemian Love Diaries,"
award-winning author Slash Coleman tackles
his next phase of intra-personal karmic cleaning
by heading out to make amends with all of his

Film your own apology and you'll not only be in
the running to win $1,000 and have your video  
featured on the national book tour, but we'll send
you a karmic repayment stub just for entering.
The Rules
1) Extend an olive branch to your ex (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife,
husband, lover, domestic partner, etc.) and film it on your iPhone,
Flip or anything that will record your apology and upload it to Youtube.
Love Diaries
Author Slash
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